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Magical 8bit Plug (English)

Version 1.1.0 released with long-awaited arpeggiator function and more!

“How to use Magical 8bit Plug” on the YMCK official Youtube channel!
(English subtitles available)

Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.1
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.1
Magical 8bit Plugの準備
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.2
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.2
Magical 8bit Plugで出せる音色
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.3
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.3
Magical 8bit Plugのパラメータ
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.4
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.4
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Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.1
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.2
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.3
Magical 8bit Plug公式講座 vol.4
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What is the “Magical 8bit Plug” ?

Magical 8bit Plug 2 is a software-synthesizer developed by Yokemura@YMCK which generates primitive electronic sounds like the old 8bit game consoles. It can be used as a plug-in for the host applications that support Audio Units or VST.

Magical 8bit Plug 2 can produce the 8bit-specific sounds, namely pseudo triangle and low resolution noise, that are hard to reproduce with ordinary synthesizers. And on top of that it implements precise controls for 8bit-style expressions like pseudo polyphony, duty envelope etc.

Magical 8bit Plug 2 is technically distinct from the previous one(Magical 8bit Plug), so you can install both and keep using them separately.


  • Basic 8bit-style waveforms (See the table below)
  • As the new waveforms, 1bit noise is introduced, which can emulate the sound of original 8bit console more accurately
  • Envelope forming with so-called ADSR.
  • Pitch bend capability with depth control
  • Auto Bending(a.k.a Frequency Sweep) which is suitable for making sound effects and drum sound etc.
  • Vibrato to enrich your musical expression
  • Custom envelopes, which gives you more precise control over volume, pitch and pulse duty values.
  • Portamento for smooth transition between the notes
  • Arpeggiator to play a pseudo polyphony in the way like playing real polyphony


Pulse: Rectangular WavesThe simplest waveforms which can be generated only by switching high/low voltages. You can get different timbres by varying the time ratio between high and low states.
Triangle: Pseudo Triangle WaveThe waveform which is intended to form a triangle but actually results like a stepladder because of the limited capability of the console. The unique high frequence noise is best for reproducing the distinct 8bit taste.
Noise: Low-bit NoiseThe random waveform. Like the Pseido Triangle above, this noise waveform is also jaggy and it results in a unique 8bit taste. The previous version had Magical 8bit Plug original “4bit Pure Random noise” which is formed with randomly generated 4 levels of voltage, and this version inherits it. On top of that the new version has more exact real console emulation: 1bit Short Cycle/1bit Long Cycle waveforms. These waveforms only have high and low voltage control and randomization is pseudo-random, which makes it sound rougher and adds some sort of tonality.


PolyphonyVariable. Max 64
Waveforms7 types

  • Square
  • 25%Pulse
  • 12.5%Pulse
  • Pseudo Triangle
  • 4bit Pure Random
  • 1bit Long-cycle Pseudo Random
  • 1bit Short-cycle Pseudo Random
Envelope SettingADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain Level, Release)
ControlsVelocity(0 – 127) / Pitch Bend(±1 – ±24)
Frequency SweepInitial Pitch / Duration
VibratoDepth / Rate / Delay
Custom EnvelopesVolume / Pitch / Pulse Duty
ArpeggiatorUp-down selection / Interval
ColorThemes 6

Operation environment

Mac OS XMacOS applications with Audio Units or VST support
WindowsWindows applications with VST support


  • This software is distributed underGPLv3software.
  • Copyright 2013- Yokemura (YMCK) All rights reserved.
Previous versions “Magical 8bit Plug”
Magical 8bit Plug 2 is built as a completely separated program and your data made for the previous version cannot be used with the new one. In that case please keep using the previous version. Saying that, however, because of the new security functionality introduced from macOS Catalina the binary which had been distributed is no longer usable. If you are using the previous version on macOS Catalina or later please use this binary, which has only added the fix for Catalina.
開発者: YMCK Yokemuraより
Comments from the author Yokemura On the initial release of Magical 8bit Plug 2

Finally, after 5 years, here comes the new version of Magical 8bit Plug!
This version is totally written from scratch based on JUCE Framework. Thanks for this awesome framework I've been able to add more features than previous version and also able to develop the Win-VST version at the same time in a shorter period of time. I cannot be more thankful to JUCE.
What's more, from this version on, Magical 8bit Plug is open-sourced! If you want to add any feature or any fixes you can grab the code and implement by yourself. And hopefully please contribute it back to improve Magical 8bit Plug.
As a method other than the program code to help Magical 8bit Plug we accept donations. This also can be a mighty force to keep my development happening for the future.
I'm sorry again to say that I'll not be able to answer any basic questions like how to install, how to plug it in etc. because my time is quite limited. Of course I'll be open to listen to the bug reports and requests for new features.

On the release of Feb. 2022 version

It’s already been a long time since the initial release of Magical 8bit Plug 2. Thank you for keeping it in use in your music creation.
I’ve received lots of bug reports, code propositions and donations, and thanks to that I’ve been able to keep updating the plugin.
I still have many more fixes and updates in mind, so please keep supporting me and YMCK to let us keep going.

Version history

“Magical 8bit Plug 2” v1.1.0 releaseNEW!
  • Implemented portamento and arpeggiator
  • Minor bug fixes
“Magical 8bit Plug 2” v1.0.1 release
  • Fixed unexpected sounding on note off
  • Respects pitch bend amount applied before note on
“Magical 8bit Plug 2” release
Universal Binary version 0.4 release
  • Mac OS X (64bit) support.
  • Vibrato function addition.
Mac Universal Binary version 0.3 release
Mac Universal Binary version release
Mac PPC ver0.2 release.
  • VSTi version release (Thank you for Naka-san)
Mac PPC ver0.1.1 release
Mac PPC ver0.1 release